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Pushing the boundaries

Our competitive edge is based on the cutting-edge expertise of each of our business units. Thanks to this synergy, we design sophisticated, patented, high-performance solutions for various primary, secondary, and tertiary processing industries. It is this excellence that sets us apart from our competitors on the international market. In fact, we proudly export 80% of our solutions outside Canada, deploying them in over 20 countries. Our success is the result of a unique combination of know-how and innovation, paving the way for a prosperous future for both our company and our global partners.


At Metal7, our mission is clear: to create high-performance solutions that meet your needs for solid particle screening and ultra-resistant surface coatings. With world-class expertise in surface engineering and mastery of complex industrial processes, we have built a solid reputation with major mining and metallurgical companies around the world, as well as with companies specializing in the processing of hard particles, such as fertilizers and aggregates. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we are determined to continue meeting your challenges with solutions at the cutting edge of innovation.


CAST7 spare parts for induration furnaces are expertly designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art American foundry. Thanks to highly automated, environmentally friendly processes, we guarantee exceptional quality. That’s why leading pellet operations and sinter plants in North America and around the world trust our reliability and unrivalled service. Whatever the size of your order, from a small batch to thousands of parts, we’re here to support you with tailor-made solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience!


At Enduride our clients get delivered durable and dependable idlers, frames, impact solutions and machine safety equipment from our plant, located in Quebec City, Quebec. With us, every application is unique. We understand that needs and constraints vary from project to project. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions, specifically adapted to each situation. Our personalized site visits and approach ensures that our customers get the best possible solution, maximizing efficiency and optimizing results.


Megatraction has created the world’s safest, fastest and easiest lifting system, designed specifically for the maintenance of excavators, cable shovels and mining bulldozers. Backed by 23 years of expertise, our patented technology supports critical maintenance functions for all types and sizes of equipment. Our dedicated team of engineers thoroughly evaluates each project to optimize your operations, reduce risk and minimize maintenance-related downtime. Rely on our know-how to revolutionize your lifts, and provide you with reliable, proven, tailor-made solutions to ensure your success every step of the way.

Further information

We understand that some topics may be more complex and raise specific questions that may not be fully covered on our site. If you have more specific questions, special requests or require further clarification, we strongly encourage you to contact us.
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