Our state-of-the-art process equipment is the industry's best-kept secret.

We are proud of our worldwide reputation as a supplier of sustainable, high-performance solutions for the mining industry, particularly in the field of iron ore pelletizing plants. Our success stems from our expertise in surface engineering, our in-depth knowledge of the pelletizing process, the unwavering commitment of our employees, and the impetus provided by an innovation ecosystem comprising major players in the mining industry, centers of expertise and innovation, suppliers and universities.

What we do.

We develop and manufacture high-performance process equipment to take the mining industry to new heights of productivity, quality and greener operation. Metal7’s high-performance product range includes roller screening equipment, anti-wear coated screening rollers, vacuum filtration equipment, heavy oil burners, ore and pellet conveying equipment, and various components for hardening furnaces.

How we do it.

We have mastered thermal spray technology to protect the critical components for the process equipment we design. As a result, we extend equipment life, reduce maintenance effort, and above all deliver significant improvements in operational efficiency. For iron ore pellets plants, this translates directly into a significant improvement in overall efficiency, including a reduction in Scope 1 carbon emissions.

Metal7 Expertise

Our unique expertise and approach are based on three pillars: expertise in surface engineering, understanding of customer processes, and attentive listening to customer needs. This unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients is ingrained in our DNA. By combining our deep knowledge of surface engineering with a keen understanding of our customers’ specific processes, we not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that our solutions are seamlessly integrated into our clients’ operations, ultimately enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting overall productivity. We firmly believe that our approach to serving our customers isn’t just about meeting their requirements; it’s bound to elevate their operations to new heights.

Metal7 Product Overview

Metal7 is a global player in the metallic and ceramic coating field. Thanks to its leading expertise, our business unit stands out from its competitors by proposing extremely sophisticated, high-performance solutions. This competitive edge allows us to thrive in the international market. The products manufactured in our workshops are used in nearly 80% of mining plants, across all five continents.

Roller Screening

Ore Handling



A world of possibilities

With a presence stretching from Quebec, Canada, to the United States, Mexico, Chili, Germany and India, we are part of a multicultural inclusive family that supports creativity, fosters innovation, and encourages us to think big and share our ideas. No matter where in the world you’re based or in which of our business units you operate, you are part of a group of people working together to create and build the best solutions aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the natural resource transformation industry.

News at Metal7

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