Enhancing Equipment Availability Safely: Tailored Lifting Solutions for Maintaining Mining Shovels and Mobile Equipment.

What we do.

At Megatraction, we are committed to not only providing top-tier heavy-lifting equipment but also offering flexible solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Minimizing downtime, extending the lifespan of shovels, preventing major breakdowns, and promoting safety are paramount in our mission. Our clients can purchase our equipment outright, giving them complete ownership and control. For those looking for more flexibility, we provide leasing options that span from short-term to longer-term agreements.

How we do it.

We have a specialized team that is wholly dedicated to developing advanced systems that push the boundaries of heavy-lifting technology. These experts work tirelessly to engineer state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the efficiency, safety, and reliability of our equipment. Collaborative efforts between us at Megatraction, mining companies, and maintenance service providers are essential for developing effective heavy-lifting systems and sharing best practices for shovel and other equipment maintenance.

Megatraction Expertise

Our expertise is backed by a remarkable track record, having executed more than 300 lifts with an impeccable safety record—zero accidents. What sets our products apart is not just their safety, but also their efficiency. They offer quick turnaround times, taking approximately one hour for lifting and just half an hour for lowering operations. This efficiency has earned us the distinction of being qualified as the “best technology” by Deloitte in a recent market study, further endorsed by our esteemed clients like BHP, Exxon, Suncor, Anglo American, First Quantum Minerals, CNRL, Teck Resources, Codelco, and ArcelorMittal.

Megatraction Product Overview

Our product line is designed to tackle the toughest lifting challenges. Whether it’s lifting the heaviest shovels with all their front attachments or facing the most demanding lift conditions, our products deliver. In fact, their structural resistance exceeds double the requirements of the heaviest shovel, ensuring that they stand up to the most rigorous lifting scenarios.


A world of possibilities

With a presence stretching from Quebec, Canada, to the United States, Mexico, Chili, Germany and India, we are part of a multicultural inclusive family that supports creativity, fosters innovation, and encourages us to think big and share our ideas. No matter where in the world you’re based or in which of our business units you operate, you are part of a group of people working together to create and build the best solutions aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the natural resource transformation industry.

News at Megatraction

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Further information

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