Unyielding Solutions for the Toughest Lifting Tasks.

Robust products engineered to excel in the most challenging lifting scenarios, exceeding structural requirements for heavy shovels and demanding conditions.


Maximize safety and efficiency during the next split of your shovel.

ESG benefits:

  • Elimination of safety risks.
  • Minimum manpower and resource requirements.
  • Transportability enhancements tailored for cost reduction and emissions reduction.


Enhance maintenance procedures for the undercarriage system of Ultra-Class Electric Rope Shovels.

ESG benefits:

  • Low transportation costs and energy from site to site.
  • Most secure lifting system available, boasting an impeccable track record free of any incidents.


Enhance the safety, consistency, and effectiveness of extensive lifting operations conducted on mining Bulldozers.

ESG benefits

  • Elimination of safety risks.
  • Minimum labor and resource requirements.
  • Perpetually positioned away from the direct path of danger.
  • Special original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lifting points fine-tuned for enhanced safety.

UpLift Program

Lifetime Warranty. Support your equipment.

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