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Superlifter: Transforming Ultra-Class Shovel Maintenance with the Ultimate Complete Lifting Solution.

Enhance the maintenance procedures on your Ultra-Class Electric Rope Shovels, and address tasks such as propel roller and side frame replacements, as well as fully lifting and splitting Hydraulic Shovels for slew bearing maintenance and replacements.


We are dedicated to the avoidance of safety concerns associated with maintenance tasks on Ultra-Class Electric Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Shovels. We aim to minimize setup and preparation time, recognizing the value of efficiency in operations. By reducing labor and resource requirements, we not only streamline processes but also contribute to cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, we are committed to increasing shovel availability, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum. On average, our clients experience a 40% reduction in downtime for essential lifting projects such as sideframe or undercarriage replacement.

The solution


The Superlifter® introduces a remarkable transformation to propel system maintenance, setting new standards in swiftness and safety that outshine any existing industry methods. Whether it’s the replacement of sideframes, structural repairs to the carbody, or changing propel rollers, our solution stands as a pinnacle of efficiency and security.


The Superlifter® offers the added versatility of functioning as a SuperSynchro, seamlessly integrated with the Megalifter®, utilizing four (4) lift points beneath the truck frame or carbody of your Electric Rope Shovel fleet. What’s more, it harmoniously shares the power and control unit with the Megalifter®, simplifying the setup by requiring just one Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) for any lifting system or configuration you choose.


  • Simultaneous Work on Both Sides: Enable work on both sides of the machine concurrently with a complete lift.
  • Versatile modular design allowing adaptability for challenging conditions and various lifting requirements.
  • Quick Setup: Reduce setup time significantly, and easily transport the system between sites.
  • Simple Assembly and Mobility: Facilitate assembly and movement on-site using a large forklift or telehandler.
  • Redundant Design: Ensure reliability with a twin-cylinder design.
  • Moderate Operating Pressures: Operate at medium pressure levels for efficient performance.
  • Enhanced Safety: Minimize exposure to line-of-fire hazards during operation.
  • Instant Automatic Locking: Benefit from an automatic locking system that engages instantly.
  • Technician Accessibility: Provide easy access for technicians conducting maintenance tasks.

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