Your worldwide partner for innovative and sustainable natural resource transformation solutions

Groupe M7 is currently experiencing strong growth and the innovation of its products has given it significant recognition within the mining industry in more than 20 countries including India, China, Australia, Latin America and North America.

Innovation and a forward-thinking mentality define us, but we never forget the value of our founders’ heritage.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions to optimize and reduce the environmental footprint of the natural resource transformation industry.

Working together with our people, partners and customers​

Creativity, seeking value- added solutions, taking on daring challenges, thinking outside the box.

Being honest, transparent, acting in the best mutual interest

Committed to listening and caring

Surpassing ourselves, being rigorous, professional and responsible​


A team that’s transforming an industry.

Our presence in more than 20 countries over 5 continents helps us to better serve our customers, with shorter project management cycle and quicker delivery time.

It allows for a complete lifecycle offering and flawless communications with our customers, as local employees can continuously build and maintain a close relationship on the international market.

Our Leadership

Eric Martin // President and CEO
We believe that leadership means having the ability to translate vision into reality to drive durable growth, while exceeding client expectations.

An engineer by training with 30 years of experience, Eric has held general management, VP Engineering and business development positions for several manufacturing companies, some with multiple locations in North America. In addition to varied experience in product development, he has been the owner and shareholder of 5 manufacturing companies in various sectors such as wear resistant steel lining, plastics, composites and steel.

Eric is recognized as a leader capable of ensuring strong growth without losing sight of profitability. To do so, he knows how to surround himself with talented and committed people.
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François Chevarie // VP Operations & Digital Transformation
Organizations increasingly need digital information and technology not only to run the day-to-day operations but also to grow and differentiate business.

François has extensive expertise in manufacturing operations and has managed the operations of several national and international companies as well as private and publicly traded companies. He has developed a strong ability to manage in a multi-site mode and in multiple geographical locations.

During his 25 years of experience, he has created “Centres of Operational Excellence” based on ethics, good processes and values supported by strengths and people knowledge. As a technology enthusiast, he has been called upon to guide, influence and direct strategic activities in information technology, IT infrastructure and 4.0 initiatives.
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André Derguy // Sales Strategic Advisor
André stands out as a dynamic, strategic professional with extensive expertise in global markets across all continents. His reputation has been built on his remarkable ability to drive robust and consistent growth, both in terms of revenues and profitability. His career with major companies has given him a keen sense of business.

As a seasoned visionary, he excels in transforming market analysis into tangible strategic intelligence, ensuring the company's sustainability. His unwavering customer focus translates into high value-added solutions, demonstrating exceptional mastery of the value proposition concept.
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Guillaume Vincent // VP Finance
The importance of finance in business is in the ability to ensure that the business operates flawlessly.

With a master’s degree in finance, Guillaume Vincent he has more than 15 years of experience in several areas of finance, including securities, business valuation, financing, financial analysis and international trade.

As Vice President of Finance and a member of the company’s audit and strategic committees, he oversees the operations of the finance department, implements financing strategies to support the organization’s growth and works to develop a network of international financial partners. He is closely involved in mergers and acquisitions activities, including two acquisitions that have been completed since he started with Metal 7 Inc.
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Marc Côté // Corporate Director, Talent and Culture
Providing human capital management leadership to critical and organization-wide initiatives related to business process redesign and change is essential.

Marc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering combined with a graduate degree in Project Management. In addition, he is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) member of the International Coaching Federation.

Marc began his career as a military engineering officer, followed by various positions in operations management and plant management before focusing on human resources. He has held various positions as a senior consultant and partner in consulting firms in the field of organizational development, executive recruitment, coaching and leadership development. Marc handles all HR issues and plays an advisory and strategic role.
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Steve Beaudin // VP Innovation
Innovation is all about reimagining our clients’ manufacturing processes and finding ways to improve their performance.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, with over 26 years of experience in the mining industry.

Steve’s career began with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in one of the world’s most successful iron ore pellet plants. During more than 15 years, he was able to carry out several process optimization projects, allowing the plant to maintain its leadership position. Steve then joined the M7 Group holding positions in innovation management and general management.
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Erik Levesque // Value Chain and Integration Director
Supply chain uncertainty has now become the third largest threat to business growth, not long ago it was fifth. As a result, the supply chain must be completely rethought.

Erik is an entrepreneur/intrapreneur and a graduate of the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship. He has 25 years of experience in managing specific projects at the supply chain and operations level, mainly in the manufacturing sector.

Erik excels at growing and restructuring companies. His career path is a testament to his willingness and ability to take on challenges. Erik is recognized for his customer approach, his enthusiasm and his passion for finding solutions that adapt to each opportunity. With strong human values, he is used to reconciling decision-making in difficult situations with a deep respect for all stakeholders.
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Tobias Stefan // VP Sales
Structured, focused, and effective sales activities are essential in today's fast-moving, competitive global marketplace.

Meet Tobias, an experienced business leader with a proven history in the metals and mining solution industry.

With a strong background in Metallurgy, Research and Development (R&D), Process Engineering, and Engineering, Tobias holds a Dipl Ing degree with a focus on Mechanical Engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt.

What truly sets Tobias apart is his genuine interest in people and his ability to grasp their needs. This allows him to provide compelling services throughout the entire product life cycle.
Madeleine Szots // Marketing and Customer Experience Director
Madeleine stands out for her exceptional ability to put herself in the shoes of different personas, fully grasping their "what's in it for me" perspective. Her skilful management of multiple files simultaneously attests to her unrivalled efficiency. Solution-oriented, she plays a key role as the voice of the customer internally, ensuring that their needs and expectations are fully integrated.

Her commitment to profitable revenue generation is reflected across the board in the strategies and tactics she develops. Revenue optimization guides her every action, while she constantly strives to align corporate objectives with a tangible value proposition for both internal and external customers. Her dedication to customer experience excellence and her passion for making a difference make her an asset to the company's continued growth and success.



Initially founded in 1974 by Arthur Leblanc with the support of Bruno Morency, Metal7 Inc. is located on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River in Sept-Iles, Quebec, the main hub for iron ore processing and shipping in Canada.

Originally named Atelier d’usinage Sept-Îles, the progress of the machine shop was “fairly even” until 1979, with fewer than 20 employees.


It was in 1980 that the company began to take an interest in the thermal coating , which has made its international reputation today. Metal7 started its worldwide quest.

Thanks to its mastery of complex industrial processes and its leading know-how in surface engineering, Metal7 has built a solid worldwide reputation with several major companies in the metallurgical sector.

A Canadian investment fund group acquires the specialized manufacturer Metal7 in order to create a major value-added product and service company on the international market.

Groupe M7 is owned today by large Canadian investment funds (Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, Fondaction, BDC Capital, CSN Investment) and senior top managers all based in the province of Quebec, Canada.


Rapidly, Metal7 expertise became a flagship for economic development, by providing a wider range of solutions and services through the acquisitions, mergers and partnerships we have forged globally over the years.

The first expansion began with the acquisition of Quebec-based belt conveyor solutions provider Enduride in 2017.


In 2018, Metal7 acquired heavy lifting equipment supplier Megatraction Equipment. Along with Enduride, these two major acquisitions led to the creation of Groupe M7.

Groupe M7 is owned today by large Canadian investment funds (Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, Fondaction, BDC Capital, CSN Investment, STAS Inc.) and senior top managers all based in the province of Quebec, Canada.


GM7 acquired in 2022 the foundry assets of Minnesota-based Cast Corporation and created CAST7 LCC.

The addition of Cast7 creates synergies that help us pursue our mission of increasing our clients’ productivity while reducing their environmental footprint.


Sustainable solutions for iron ore pelletizing plants and the aluminum industry.

As leaders in thermal spray coating applications in North America, we create high-performance solutions for iron ore pelletizing plants and the aluminum industry.

  • Iron ore pellet screening / feeding / handling / crushing
  • Iron ore pellet induration
  • Iron ore slurry filtration
  • Proprietary thermal spray coating technology


High-performance solutions for conveyor optimization.

Our specialized belt conveyor products and solutions offer outstanding performance and durability for primary, secondary, and tertiary processing industries.

  • Specialty and heavy-duty rollers and frames
  • CEMA rollers and idlers
  • Conveyor guarding / safety nets
  • Conveyor optimization / impact beds


Unique lifting solutions for mining shovels and heavy equipment​

We created the world’s safest, fastest, and easiest lifting system intended for the maintenance of mining excavators, shovels and bulldozers.

  • Integral and lateral lifting system
  • Side lifting system
  • Dozers lifting system


A key partner offering highly resistant parts for grate-kilns and straight grate furnaces.

Our state-of-the-art foundry delivers better performance and high- durability castings, as well as the most cost-effective production by leveraging a high degree of automation and environmentally-friendly processes.

  • Grate plates, grate bars, clips, chain links, link covers
  • Side plates and thrust buttons
  • Heat and wear resistant alloys
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