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Tackling tough problems to bring about positive change.

Our international customers who currently use our products and equipment are unanimous: we have the best technologies and many ESG answers to meet your challenges.

Who is Groupe M7

We are a global group of companies with a multinational sales presence spanning five continents and a vast network of technical experts. This combination gives us in-depth knowledge of best practices, enabling us to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, whatever your role within a company, wherever you are. Whether you’re an operations manager, a health and safety leader, a maintenance planner, a process manager, a procurement manager, or a decision-maker, we can provide you with solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


Innovation 1

Ingenuity is at the heart of everything we do. We design tailor-made solutions, which we quickly test to ensure you get the best possible results. Our approach is perfectly aligned with your needs and concerns, whether technical, financial, or environmental (ESG). Every step of our process is carefully documented, guaranteeing total transparency and informed decision-making.

Innovation 2

Discover our innovative approach to overcoming your most complex business challenges. By combining cutting-edge technology, in-depth knowledge of the mining industry and our R&D laboratory, we create tailor-made products, specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Our proven development process ensures that we find the ideal solutions for every problem you face. Rely on our proven expertise and prepare to meet your challenges with success.

Innovation 3

Our close collaboration with you, our valued customers, as well as with our trusted suppliers, technology centers, universities, and research institutes, aims to strengthen your competitiveness in the marketplace. But that’s not all: together, we go further, taking concrete steps to reduce your environmental impact. By implementing energy-efficient solutions, we actively contribute to preserving the environment while strengthening your commercial position.

Sustainable development

Enabling more sustainable natural resource processing operations.

In each of our business units, we optimize primary industry operations by offering solutions that are both environmentally friendly and safe. Our responsible approach encompasses the environment, society, and the economy, reflected in our own design and procurement practices, as well as in our customers’ equipment and operational processes. We are committed to sustainability, reducing our environmental footprint while improving safety for all. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with responsibility, ensuring a brighter future for our industry and our planet.

Further information

We understand that some topics may be more complex and raise specific questions that may not be fully covered on our site. If you have more specific questions, special requests or require further clarification, we strongly encourage you to contact us.
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