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Megalifter®: Spliting Shovels Faster and Safer for Component Maintenance During Overhaul.

Discover a cutting-edge system that seamlessly splits shovels during maintenance, guaranteeing utmost safety, peak efficiency, and unwavering reliability throughout the lifting operation.


Our ‘why’ is driven by the diverse spectrum of goals that companies aim to achieve when seeking a system for safe and efficient shovel splitting during maintenance. These objectives range from prioritizing safety, enhancing efficiency, realizing cost savings, ensuring compliance, building a strong reputation, gaining a competitive edge, embracing ESG, and nurturing employee well-being. Additionally, our solution can deliver potential benefits of $600K to $1M per project, calculated based on the additional revenue gained from increased shovel availability, further underscoring the compelling rationale for adopting our innovative approach.

The solution


Our smart set-up process ensures that the system is ready for action before the shovel even arrives on the lifting pad. The assembly, which requires no bolts, positions the rear beam in its final location well in advance of the shovel’s arrival, while the front beam remains assembled and ready for relocation once the lifting operation begins. This streamlined approach allows us to complete the installation within a total critical path time of just 8 hours, ensuring a swift and efficient readiness to commence lifting operations.


This is achieved through our instant automatic locking system, which eliminates the need for manual component manipulation, reducing the risk of human error and potential harm. In the event of a cylinder failure, a common challenge in single-cylinder-per-leg systems, our Megalifter and dual-cylinder system require no repairs and can continue operations without interruption, whether for descent or lifting of the shovel. Importantly, our system boasts an impeccable safety record with zero-cylinder failures throughout Megatraction’s history, thanks to its low working pressure.


Our dual-cylinder configuration at each lift point significantly reduces the likelihood of failure when compared to systems relying on a single cylinder per leg. Our design incorporates structural redundancy throughout, boasting a safety factor of at least 2 across the entire structure. This means that a single jig on the front can support double the front weight of the shovel, and even in cases of imbalance, there’s no risk of structural failure that could compromise safety or project progress.


  • No welding is needed on the shovel for the lifting attachment, irrespective of whether it’s in a boom-on or boom-off configuration.
  • Includes an automatic instant locking mechanism.
  • Utilizes a dual-cylinder system that eliminates the need for repairs in case a cylinder malfunctions.
  • Operates efficiently at low working pressure levels.

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