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Tractolifter®: Elevating Bulldozer lifting with Enhanced Safety, Stability, and Cost Savings Simultaneously.

Unlock a new era of safety, reliability, and efficiency in bulldozer lifting operations. Our cutting-edge solution eliminates security risks and streamlines the process with minimal configuration and setup times. Say goodbye to excessive labor and resource demands, as our system adapts seamlessly to your maintenance needs, providing the flexibility you require. The result? A significant reduction in overall maintenance costs makes your operations more cost-effective and secure than ever.


Operations, such as in mining plants, have strong reasons to explore solutions that can enhance bulldozer lifting operations. Safety is paramount, and equipment that minimize security risks are crucial to reducing accidents and injuries. Operational efficiency is equally vital, as faster lifting operations mean less downtime for bulldozers and increased overall productivity. Equipment requiring minimal labor and resources provide cost savings and better resource allocation. Versatile solutions that adapt to various maintenance needs are highly valued. Furthermore, cost reduction, improved maintenance quality, compliance with regulations, and gaining a competitive edge are all compelling reasons for operations and maintenance teams to consider adopting advanced lifting solutions.

The solution


Our Tractolifter® system not only grants you access from the front of the bulldozer but also from the rear, expanding and enhancing your workspace in what is typically a tight area. The result? A more comfortable, flexible, and spacious environment that drastically improves working conditions. Say goodbye to the risks of collisions or mishandling of those hefty bulldozer components. This innovation not only boosts speed but also elevates the quality of inspections and repairs, setting it miles apart from systems that rely on additional beams to connect cylinders.


With dual cylinders at each lifting point, you’re guaranteed seamless operation, even if one cylinder faces a hiccup. Our systems operate at low pressures, drastically enhancing hydraulic safety and virtually erasing the risk of failures. How do we achieve this unprecedented reliability? It’s all thanks to our redundant hydraulic design and high-quality seals, which demand major cylinder maintenance only once every 10 years.


Our hydraulic power and control unit (HPU) empowers you to execute the entire operation remotely and with absolute safety. You can visualize pressures, weights, and extensions, all from a distance away from those potentially risky hydraulic components. Every hydraulic part is shielded beneath robust metal protections, eliminating any possibility of pressurized component mishaps. The HPU even offers a smart cable and hose storage solution within a convenient workstation. It operates at the voltage specified by you, the client. The real magic, however, lies in the control, which is achieved by monitoring pressure directly within the cylinders and tracking height, thanks to a PLC and specialized software tailor-made for Bulldozer lifting, all customized according to your model preferences.


  • Instant and automatic locking mechanism.
  • Unique patented dual cylinder design for each lifting point.
  • Operates at low working pressures.
  • Equipped with a handling trolley for easy cylinder movement and positioning, featuring lightweight aluminum lines (spacers) to prevent overexertion.
  • Capable of simultaneously lifting up to 3 bulldozers with its oil capacity.
  • Minimal configuration and setup times.
  • Adaptable lifting capacity to suit maintenance requirements.
  • Comprehensive reduction in maintenance operation costs.

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