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Uplift Program for Owners: Streamline Maintenance Planning and Budgeting.

Act today and secure peace of mind for your lifting operations. Entrust us with your lifting system to eliminate liability and guarantee that your equipment stays certified and prepared for safe and on-time lifts. Join our lifetime warranty program now and experience worry-free lifting.


Owning a lifting system comes with several risks, responsibilities, and liabilities for the mine owner. The equipment that is lifted is critical, and the workforce to perform the maintenance is, as well. As a mine operator, maintaining lifting assets might be beyond your scope of expertise but is still considered a necessary responsibility because safety is a priority. Such responsibilities require knowledge and expertise to ensure the assets are always certified and ready to perform lifts safely and on time. With 25+ years of experience in the manufacture and operation of lifting systems, who is better than Megatraction to take charge of your assets, remove liability, and take that load off your mind?

The solution


Experience the benefits of our program, which not only provides peace of mind but also alleviates the financial strain that often accompanies major parts replacements, such as pumps, motors, HMI, PLC, cylinders, and control blocks. By entrusting us with your equipment, you’ll eliminate the need for significant budget allocations, freeing up resources for other essential aspects of your plant’s operations. Additionally, you can keep your specialized crew focused on their core tasks, boosting overall plant productivity and efficiency. Join our program today to enjoy these advantages and ensure uninterrupted, cost-effective lifting operations.


Moreover, adhering to our program offers a unique advantage in addressing the challenge of budgeting for maintenance frequency. Preventive maintenance intervals for structural, hydraulic, and electrical components of your equipment can vary significantly, ranging from annual checks to intervals as long as 10 years. Planning and allocating resources for these diverse needs can be complex. However, with our program, you gain the confidence of a well-structured maintenance schedule, allowing you to efficiently allocate personnel and resources, ensuring uninterrupted lifting operations while optimizing your budget.


  • Annual Recertification: This includes one yearly visit for testing and recertification of operators and equipment.
  • G4 HMI License: Enjoy automatic software updates for your G4 HMI license.
  • Remote Connectivity: Connect remotely via cell phone network or Wi-Fi to our Control Units for operational help and troubleshooting.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our lifetime warranty plan includes complete maintenance program management based on industry best practices. It covers parts and labor, including the 10-year cylinder recertification (refer to the total cost of ownership).
  • Equipment Operation Services: Get onsite technical support for assembly and installation during lifts, with an unlimited number of days.

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