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Our Expertise

Enhancing Equipment Availability While Prioritizing Safety.

Boasting an impeccable safety record spanning nearly three decades, Megatraction takes pride in its role as a premier worldwide provider of lifting systems for mine shovels and heavy mining mobile machinery. Recognizing the pivotal role this equipment plays in operational efficiency, we engineer solutions that prioritize safety, swift execution, and user-friendliness. All of this supported by a Lifetime Warranty when you own the equipment.

Boosting Safety and Efficiency: Specialized Lifting for Mine Shovels and More.

Why heavy-lifting equipment for mine shovels and other type of mobile equipment? Because these machines are vital for mineral extraction, they need top-notch maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize production. Safety is key, demanding meticulous planning, strict protocols, and proper gear. Our specialized systems and techniques ensure safe, efficient upkeep for these massive, complex tools, sustaining optimal performance and slashing typical downtime by half.

Our patent portfolio includes innovative technologies such as the Superlifter™, featuring patents in the US (US11.851.309), Chile (CL63.472), Australia (AU201826118), and Canada (CA3.059.495). Additionally, we have patented the EX-8000 Hook™ in Canada (CA2.963.671), the Synchrolifter™ in Canada (CA2.980.365), and the Tractolifter® in Chile (CL59.025). Moreover, our portfolio encompasses the G4-T™, with patents secured in Brazil (BR112021009846.1), Chile (CL66770), Canada (CA3.120.450), the US (US2020/102890), Mexico (MX/a/2010005986), Peru (PE000744-2021/DIN), Australia (AU2019382310), and South Africa (ZA2021/0348). We’re also advancing technology with the HMS-ProLifter™, currently patent pending.


First and foremost, safety is our paramount concern. Our lifting systems boast the best overall safety record in the market. We ensure stability during operations, with all loads supported and none suspended, guaranteeing a risk-free environment. Our perfect track record with no incidents speaks volumes about our commitment to safety. Furthermore, our patented dual-jacks system embeds safety into every lifting point, providing 100% redundancy, and offering unmatched peace of mind to our clients.

Megatraction technology streamlines the lifting process, reducing the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by a significant margin—up to 30% to 60% less time compared to other lifting technologies. This reduction in MTTR translates into equipment being readily available faster, ultimately leading to higher equipment availability and the potential for increased revenues. Our solutions are designed to maximize operational efficiency and productivity gains.

Our patented lifting methodology provides an efficient and repeatable approach to lifting equipment, whether it’s for integral or split lifts on excavators or shovels. Our step-by-step lifting process ensures consistency and repeatability over time, resulting in continuous gains in efficiency. This standardization not only simplifies operations but also enhances overall performance, ensuring our clients can rely on consistent outcomes.

Megatraction Product Overview

Our product line is designed to tackle the toughest lifting challenges. Whether it’s lifting the heaviest shovels with all their front attachments or facing the most demanding lift conditions, our products deliver. In fact, their structural resistance exceeds double the requirements of the heaviest shovel, ensuring that they stand up to the most rigorous lifting scenarios.

Further information

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