Many ore treatment processes require the dewatering of a slurry, which is of critical importance for iron ore pelletizing plants. After grinding, the slurry must be transformed into a filter cake with minimal moisture content. Our Vacuum Disc Filter technology guarantees high-volume production of low-moisture filter cake, with easy maintenance and a contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of pellet plants.

Vacuum Disc Filter

Our optimized design incorporates the use of thermally sprayed coatings to protect critical components linked to a specific engineering design. The results: higher filtration rates, reduced moisture content and process stability. Say hello to efficient, high-performance filtration with Metal7!

Key Benefits:

  • Anti-wear and self-lubricating coatings on critical components.
  • Significantly longer service life.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Optimized design to avoid leaks and pressure drops.
  • Production of filter cake with constant moisture content, enabling stabilization of the agglomeration process.
  • Production of filter cake with reduced moisture content, enabling lower energy consumption on the firing process (drying zone).

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