Ore Handling

Greater equipment availability helps optimize handling processes, reduce downtime, and ensure a smoother flow of materials for increased productivity and operational efficiency.

EMD - Reciprocating Belt Conveyor

(Electro-Mechanical Drive)

Our EMD technology can offer a substantial increase in equipment availability and precision, translating into annual savings of over $2M USD. What is more, it guarantees a more reliable system than current hydraulic systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Precise, controlled movement of the moving head, enabling more uniform pellets bed formation in the oven.
  • Operational stability.
  • Electric Drive system, simpler and less maintenance-intensive than a hydraulic system.
  • Elimination of oil use for a safer, more environmentally friendly working environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption in the induration furnace through the formation of a more uniform pellet bed.
  • Possibility of using variable head speeds (forward and reverse) – forming a profile adjusted to the needs of the operation.

Further information

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