Optimized Firing Process. Goodbye to Complex Hydraulic Circuits.

Looking for a solution to overcome the challenges posed by complex hydraulic circuits on reciprocating conveyor systems? This is possible using the Electro-Mechanical Drive (EMD) system exclusive to Metal7. With the added advantage of reducing maintenance, our technology promotes customized pellet bed profiles on the pallet cars, offering benefits for your firing process.                   


Since the introduction of traditional Reciprocating Belt Conveyors to Pelletizing operations, the movable conveyor has been driven by a hydraulic system. This requires a hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, and other accessories. The innovative Electric Mechanical Drive (EMD) from Metal7 changes the approach to the handling of green iron ore pellets prior to induration furnace. According to some customers, our EMD technology offers a substantial increase in equipment availability and accuracy, resulting in annual gains exceeding $2M USD. Moreover, it ensures a safer system compared to current hydraulic systems.

The solution

Metal7’s EMD reciprocating belt conveyor (conveyor with discharge pulley in the movable section) is driven by a servomotor controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive, permitting customizable forward and backward velocity profiles.

The energy imbalance caused by an uneven gas flow profile through the pellet bed can be compensated for by varying the thickness of the pellet bed over the length of the pallet car. Metal7’s EDM reciprocating system allows acceleration and braking ramps to be adjusted in a reliable and accurate way, thus allowing different pellet bed profiles to be created on the pallet cars.

The system comprises a triple chain, drive chain, idlers, sprockets, chain take-up, and carriage coupling enclosed within a dedicated chain case, ensuring the drive system is shielded from dust contamination.


  • Increased reliability and availability of equipment.
  • Complete removal of hydraulic oil use, and prevention of oil leakage.
  • Preventing misalignment of the reciprocating system upon full extension of the hydraulic axis. Our system does not use hydraulic cylinders.
  • Enhanced simplicity in programming settings, including the ability to adjust the pellet bed profile.


Unleash The Full Potential Of Reciprocating Conveyor Systems

Looking for a solution to overcome the challenges posed by complex hydraulic circuits on reciprocating conveyor systems? Look no further than Metal7’s Electric Mechanical Drive (EMD) reciprocating system, tailored to meet your requirements. With the added advantage of reduced maintenance, this technology empowers you to create customized pellet bed profiles on pallet cars, offering a multitude of benefits for your firing process.

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