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Our Expertise

Are you looking for heat & corrosion-resistant replacement parts?
Explore our next-gen casting solutions!

CAST7’s Induration furnace replacement parts are made in a state-of-the-art US-based foundry using a high-degree of automation with a focus on environmentally friendly processes. Leading pelletizing operations and sintering plants across North America and around the world have come to rely on our quality and service.

Whether you require a small batch or thousands of parts, we can help you!

Customer satisfaction starts with setting quality parameters.

Since our inception in 2014, our foundry has distinguished itself thanks to our deep understanding of foundry fundamentals to ensure the production of high-quality parts at the right price:

  • Chemistry
  • Surface Finish
  • Process used within the Foundry

Defect Mitigation

Shrinking in critical areas

Dealing with specific components and configurations can pose challenges that require adjustments to the pouring duration. To mitigate the risk of breakage, we conduct thorough solidification analyses.

Burn in

Preventing sand from “burning in” or sticking to the final product is crucial. We use multiple techniques to eliminate undesired sand residue.


Each component responds uniquely to variations and must meet specific tolerance requirements. Understanding this concept enables us to achieve optimal production outcomes while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Minimizing waste, maximizing resource efficiency.

At CAST7 we embrace the approach of a circular economy by promoting the continuous and sustainable use of resources by minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. We work with our customers by reusing scrap materials to provide a new product, helping them to reduce waste and maximize value. We achieve the right chemistry by adding new alloying materials where required, thus ensuring a dependable, and top-quality component.

Cast7 Product Overview

Our products combine technology, superior quality, and innovative designs ensuring enhanced efficiency for our global clients.

Our Products

Further information

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