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Revolutionize Your Conveying Experience with Enduride Heavy-Duty Conveyor Rollers.


Count the Costs of Conventional Rollers and Idlers: Unprotected bearings falling prey to these relentless adversaries:

  1. Contamination infiltrating the bearings gradually erodes their efficiency. This could involve foreign particles, dust, or debris entering the bearings and causing friction, wear, and potential damage to the components.
  2. Vibration can lead to increased stress on the components, causing them to wear out faster. Ultrasound could be an indication of internal issues within the bearings or other components.
  3. Misalignment stemming from shaft deflection can lead to uneven wear, reduced efficiency, and increased strain on the components.

The solution

Protection Against the Triple Conveyor Challenges

Say goodbye to the persistent headaches that conventional idlers and rollers bring. Enduride presents a game-changing approach that shields your bearings from the trio of troubles that haunt industrial conveyor operations.

  • No more fretting over contamination, as our technology forms an impervious barrier.
  • Wave farewell to the damaging effects of vibration and ultrasound that often result in premature wear.
  • And the misalignment triggered by shaft deflection? Consider it history. We’ve engineered a preventive marvel that boasts the ideal coating for every application, ensuring that idler failure becomes a distant memory. Embrace a future where these concerns no longer hold you back.


  • Patented triple labyrinth system.
  • Meets and surpasses the CEMA standard.
  • Adapts to all types of frames.
  • Works in extreme conditions
  • Specialized lubricants (-73 ° C to + 204 ° C).
  • Minimum TIR and concentricity
  • Extreme load capacity.
  • Diameter: 1.9” to 10” (Metric rollers also available).
  • Shaft: 20 mm to 70 mm and +
  • Belts from 18” to 104”.

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