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Customized Solutions

Tailor-made solutions crafted to meet the specific needs and challenges of your industrial operations.

UHMW and HDPE Rollers


Crafted for durability, lightweight rolls, resistant to clogging and corrosion, boasting superior wear resistance compared to standard steel rolls. Available in custom sizes to seamlessly fit any frame, offering a retrofit solution for all models.


Compatible with throughing, return, and balance rolls.

Ultim8 Rollers


Ideal for critical conveyors or high-friction points where downtime is not acceptable, thanks to the ceramic pellet coating on discs. This coating extends their lifespan by up to 26 times. Disc configuration and self-cleaning return available.


Available for return, throughing (up to 10 degrees), critical conveyors, and hard-to-reach maintenance areas.

Safety Tensioned-Nets


Tailored tensioned-nets that are lightweight, easy to install, and compliant with all safety standards, including fire retardancy.


Designed for unguarded or inadequately guarded conveyors and machinery that require frequent and convenient access. An optimal solution for replacing bulky and heavy conventional metallic guards.

Further information

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