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Corrosion-Free, Lightweight, and Maintenance-Friendly Belt Conveyor and Machine Guards.


Enterprises are currently functioning within an environment marked by increasing uncertainty caused by resource limitations, a shortage of skilled personnel, shifts in energy sources, and other factors. Finding the proper equilibrium between ensuring safety around conveyors and machinery while maintaining optimal production has presented a longstanding difficulty for sectors such as manufacturing, mining, and construction. Do the conventional safety methodologies retain their relevance in today’s context? Utilizing robust yet outdated safeguards made from materials like heavy and corroded steel or plastic can give rise to operational complications and potential dangers. The presence of significant perils and risks poses a threat to both workers and the infrastructure, jeopardizing the environment and the overall well-being of employees.

The solution


Enduride presents a rapid, secure, and convenient safeguarding solution that will capture the interest of every facet of your organization (including Maintenance, Operations, Health and safety, Management, and beyond). Our Safety Solutions are meticulously crafted to align with your specific requirements, catering to both pre-existing and newly acquired equipment.


They can be effortlessly and promptly set up by a small team. When maintenance is necessitated, the guard can be opened within seconds (rather than hours) by a lone individual, utilizing a straightforward tool provided in the kit. Safety pull cords are universally integrated. Irrespective of your machinery or belt conveyor’s size or location, our safety solutions stand as a cost-effective alternative, particularly suitable for extensive applications.


Our array of services encompasses on-site evaluations and measurements through 3D laser scanning, formulation of layouts, drawings, and three-dimensional depictions of the Safety Solution, an expedited cost estimation process, and punctual delivery. Should you desire, on-site installation supervision is also available upon request.


  • Unobstructed equipment visibility assured.
  • Walkways free from the burden of lifting and stacking hefty panels.
  • Maintenance efficiency unimpeded by corroded components.
  • Available in sections ranging from 3 feet (900mm) to 20 feet (6,000mm) in length.
  • Tailored choices can be accommodated to meet specific needs.
  • Standard heights of 72 inches (1.80m) & 79 inches (2.00m).
  • Swift installation facilitated – 40ft (12m) per hour achievable with a team of 2 people.
  • Compliances:
    • ISO 13857:2019
    • 2006-42-EC
    • ISO 14120
    • NF EN 620+A1
    • CSA Z432-16
    • MSHA 30CFR
    • ASNZS 3610
    • ASNZS 3611
    • NR-12

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