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Optimization Technologies

Advanced technologies designed to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your conveyor systems, minimizing the need for maintenance.



A versatile and effective dust confinement tool for conveyor belts. It combines a deep trough design with external sliding rails and flexible self-adjusting skirts, transforming the conveyor into a dust-tight tube.


It can be used at transfer points between conveyors, screens, or crushers and can be equipped with a SPARMAT impact bed to absorb shocks from heavy material.

Spar 3 - Belt Turnover


A highly effective device removing dirt under conveyor belts, reducing carryback by over 90%. It limits cleaning operations on the return side to just two points (head and tail), making it particularly useful in tunnels or other challenging locations. Eliminating build-up on return idlers improves belt alignment and extends the belt’s lifespan. Fewer cleaning operations mean fewer employees in proximity to the conveyor, enhancing overall safety.


It can be installed without any particular modification on almost all conveyor belts having a length of at least 40 meters (131 ft). Can accommodate belts from 500 mm to 1600 mm wide (19 11/16 in to 63 in).

Sparcric G


An innovative conveyor belt lifting system, used to facilitate the maintenance of the rollers of conveyor belts. The SPARCRIC G inflates using a simple low pressure pump. it fits prefectly for working on 3-roller stations. 


Marketed for belts on 4 models:
• 500/800
• 1000/1200
• 1400/1600
• 1800/2000
Available on demand for other types of station.

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