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Join us at Corem’s 5th Symposium



From September 24 to 27, as a sponsor in Corem’s 5th Symposium on iron ore pelletizing and its sustainable development, Metal7 eagerly looks forward to meeting you and sincerely hope you will join us for our keynote session. As Metal7 approaches the momentous milestone of 50 years as a leading player in iron ore pelletizing, we invite our community of industry partners, customers, and scientific organizations to keep joining forces. Together, we can reflect on the journey that has revolutionized the way iron ore pelletizing is achieved and collectively envision the future of our industry. With the ongoing construction of more plants, pelletizing stands at the forefront of the transformation toward green steel. Our shared dedication to reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing performance reshapes the landscape of sustainable practice. By exploring emerging trends and advancements in ESG integration, we can align our strategies and objectives to shape the next 50 years of sustainable resource transformation. Let’s forge a brighter and more sustainable future together.

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