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May 28-30 – EuroMine 2024

Dive into the heart of the mining industry at Euro Mine Expo, an exhibition and conference held in Skellefteå, Sweden, every two years. The event attracts participants from all over the world, providing a global platform for sharing ideas and promoting collaboration within the mining community.


We’re delighted to announce our participation as an exhibitor, where we’ll be showcasing our latest innovations. Here’s an overview of what you’ll be able to discover on our stand located in the Zinc Hall (#163):


  • See demonstrations of our tensioned-net safety solutions, essential for effectively securing conveyors and protecting maintenance workers.
  • Get a sneak preview of Metal7’s new hard particle roller screen, a major technological advance in material screening.
  • Learn more about Metal7 peripherals, such as coated sleeves, plate valves, and induration furnace components.
  • Discover Megatraction’s new HMS-ProLifter, designed specifically to meet the needs of hydraulic excavators.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing with you our passion for innovation and excellence in this field.

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