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Megatraction HMS-ProLifter: Introducing a Game-Changer for Hydraulic Shovel Maintenance!

We are excited to announce the summer arrival on the market of our Pat. Pend. USA No 63/554,423 Megatraction HMS-ProLifter! Say goodbye to downtime and hello to unprecedented efficiency in hydraulic shovel maintenance with this innovative product.

Sleek Slew Bearing Changeouts: Megatraction HMS-ProLifter takes shovel uptime to the next level with its efficient slew bearing changeouts. No need for carbody removal, and there’s ample room for on-the-spot machining. Your maintenance just got a whole lot smoother!

Versatile Lift Options: Megatraction HMS-ProLifter offers the best of both worlds – splits and two-stage. With an impressive 60 inches of travel, access to the slew bearing and the roller path, machine reassembling becomes a breeze. Wider footprint provides additional access for ease of component replacement. It’s time to experience unmatched versatility in maintenance solutions.

Portable Lifting Powerhouse: Brace yourself for our cutting-edge portable lifting system, designed exclusively for hydraulic shovels. Megatraction HMS-ProLifter tackles the challenge of lifting the machine house from both the front and rear without relying on hooks. Shovel maintenance has never been this easy!

Extra Stroke, Extra Height: Elevate your expectations with Megatraction HMS-ProLifter’s additional stroke, providing unparalleled lifting height. Tailored specifically for hydraulic mining shovels, this powerhouse is set to redefine the standards of maintenance convenience.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to unprecedented efficiency in hydraulic shovel maintenance. Uncompromised safety, thanks to our proven twin-cylinder/double redundancy technology.

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