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Securing Industrial Conveyors: An Agile, Efficient Solution

A River Metal Recycling site in Ashland, Kentucky, needed to secure a 105-foot covered outdoor conveyor carrying ferrous and non-ferrous shredded scrap such as crushed cars. These conveyors expose their workers to serious risks, including reaching danger zones such as the conveyor belt.

Our tensioned netting solution was chosen after another River Metal Recycling site had already adopted it and reported great satisfaction with our service and product.


Our system was installed in one day by a two-person team, with coaching from one of our team members. Site supervisor Tyler Davenport and his colleagues were impressed by the ease and speed of the installation. They also emphasized the versatility of our solution for a range of applications. Indeed, our tensioned mesh guard proved adaptable to the customer’s changing needs, as evidenced by its effortless adjustment to a height of 1 foot from the ground during installation.


By effectively combining worker safety with ease of installation and adaptation, our tensioned-net safety guards offer a solid answer to the safety challenges encountered in demanding industrial environments.


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