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A New Australian Adventure Begins for Megatraction

Tremendous teamwork between Megatraction Equipment Inc. (MEI) and Sync Lift Engineering (SLE) led to the signing of a long-term heavy lifting equipment rental contract, making SLE the first service provider on the Australian market to offer MEI’s safer, faster and easier lifting solutions for mining shovel maintenance and repair.

“The continued growth and success of our group is dictated by our commitment to our core values and building durable partnerships is definitely one of them. This rental contract signed with Sync Lift is more proof that collaboration is key to better serving clients by merging expertise, technology and purpose.”

Eric Martin, CEO, Group M7

Our state-of-the-art Megalifter and Superlifter hydraulic lifting systems will be introduced in Australia through Sync Lift Engineering early 2022. To learn more about Megatraction Equipment solutions, contact our International Sales Director Jonathan Martel //



Part of Group M7, Megatraction Equipment Inc. manufactures and commercializes a specialized range of patented technologies and lifting equipment for heavy electric shovels or hydraulic excavators used by the mining industry since 1996. Holding a perfect track record for safety in 25 years, Megatraction is now proudly recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of shovel lifting systems.


Group M7 / Metal7 Inc. and its divisions (Metal7, Enduride, Megatraction) are recognized as the worldwide partners for innovative natural resources transformation solutions. The group is owned by large Canadian investment funds (FTQ solidarity investment, BDC Capital, CSN Investment, FTQ Regional Solidarity Fund North Shore, STAS Inc.) and senior top managers all based in Province of Quebec, Canada.


Established in 2017, Sync Lift Engineering is a privately owned and operated maintenance and engineering business group providing a broad range of services. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, SLE delivers market leading solutions combining strong technical capabilities with robust systems.

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